This is a list of various web links that you might just find interesting.

Websites of interest:
SFFWorld ( A forum for discussing science fiction and fantasy media, with a heavy emphasis on books.
Kboards ( A set of forums devoted to discussing all things Kindle related.
TVTropes ( A wiki devoted to fiction and storytelling concepts. Don't spend too much time there.

FictionPress links to my stories and other work there:
"The Finest Mead" ( One of my entries for The End anthology.
"Furs" ( A story I wrote for a college course, way back in the prehistoric past when I went there. In hindsight, not that good.
"The Great Fire of Iverhold" ( Another entry for The End anthology. Very light-hearted.
"Purposes of the Gods" ( A little humorous fictional musing on the nature of divine-mandated destiny.
"Vertical City, or The Novel That Fortunately Will Never Happen" ( This could have been an epic story of fantasy and intrigue, but it was derailed by the inexperience and ineptitude of yours truly. Yeah, that was one sick burn on myself, but is it justified? Read and find out.
"Lesson" ( A young girl. A bandit lord. Which lessons can they learn from each other?

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