Heroes Guild

In Harm's Way
(Amazon, Smashwords)

A thief running from grave danger. A hunter seeking a better future. A warrior striving to achieve justice. And a merchant...who really wishes people would buy what he's selling?

These four, as unlikely as it seems, find themselves all caught up in the affairs of one of the greatest living heroes around, the Master Blade. But what is he really after? And why does he want to see the thief dead?

 Thadrick Clant

Running Bet

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The Victory Festival, with its many events, is approaching. However, behind one of those events, a footrace, is a criminal organization with no limits on how far it will go in order to profit from it. With such dangers, who else could be called on to stop the threat other than Thadrick Clant?

"It never fails to surprise me the ways in which people seek to earn money, or the lengths they will go to do so. The Victory Festival affair made this quite clear. After all, I doubt anyone would have expected so much trouble over a simple footrace." -Thadrick Clant


Magic Trickery 

(Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, iTunes)

When Thadrick Clant agrees to help a rogue wizard escape the city of Osmentor, he gets a little more than he bargained for. With nothing quite what it seems, it falls to him to uncover a sinister plot years in the making, that only someone of his talents could possibly unravel. But even if he discovers the truth, can he prevent this plan from coming to pass?

"I have never understood the allure of magic. Of course, I am unusual in this regard, which is why those without magical powers tend to try to control those that do. The Foss affair illustrated this perfectly." -Thadrick Clant

Other books

No Place Like Amestraton

(Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, iTunes)

For Henry, it's about avoiding a repeat of the desperate struggles he faced as a child. For Mary, it's about escaping the monotony of her work serving one of the wealthiest men in Amestraton. For both of them, the goal is simple enough: to build a better life together. But the conflicting politics of the city - and the arrival of a living legend - put everything they have worked for at risk.


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