Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fiction impressed?

Hey, ma, look at me! I'm on FictionPress!

No really, I am. I decided I needed a new avenue to upload short stories (and sadly, this blog thing just doesn't quite suit my tastes).

The first story I've uploaded is one of my (failed) submissions for The End anthology! I thought it was good enough to make it, but apparently some disagreed. So I guess you can call this my counter-disagreement, heh.

Jokes aside, you can read it here. Be sure to leave a review if you can!

Well, not much else to say, as I'm rather busy. So take care, and enjoy the reading.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baseball breakdown

Well, we're looking at the final month of the MLB season! And since I had to post something, you guys get baseball. So, here's my breakdown of the races.

Probably the race to watch is the AL East. The Orioles and the Yankees are now tied for the division lead, and the Rays are holding at 1.5 games back. One of these teams will take the AL East, and at least one of the others will take a wild card slot.

The AL Central is basically a two-team show between the Tigers and the White Sox. The latter currently has a 1.5 game lead, but they've flip-flopped several times this season, so we'll see how it goes.

The AL West is a bit more spaced, with the Rangers 3.5 games over the Athletics. However, the Athletics are very much in the wild card running.

Now to the NL. The Nationals own the NL East. Plain and simple. The Braves have a wild card slot waiting, if they can avoid sliding down out of it. It's up to them to avoid last season's collapse.

The NL Central is pretty much the same as the NL East. Here, the Reds have the division all but locked down. The Cardinals are in the wild card running, and the Pirates aren't too far behind.

The NL West is a bit closer. The Giants have a 4.5 game lead on the Dodgers, who have (you guessed it) a shot at a wild card slot.

That about covers it. Don't expect real official baseball coverage, I don't give any. Heh. We now return you (sometime soon) to your semi-regularly scheduled writing insights.