Saturday, August 18, 2012

My name name

Well, here we go again.

For those of you who remember, back in November 2011 I had some problems with one of the e-book distributors. Basically it was confusion with another Chris Mitchell, who had published a behind-the-scenes look at Disney. I did everything I could to straighten that out, and made a blog post about it.

However, round two of this confusion just hit home. Specifically, someone e-mailed me asking if I was the Chris Mitchell who wrote that book, and asking me for permission to use parts of it. (I'm not going to reveal the details here, so that privacy may be protected and all that.)

The worst part was that said e-mail ended up in my junk folder, so I had sat on the thing for two weeks before realizing someone had tried to contact me. Whoops.

At least my name isn't something even more ridiculously common like John Smith. (To all you John Smiths out there, I apologize, but I really don't know how you get along.) Either way, it's clearly an ongoing problem, as I predicted.

Again, I reiterate: I have one published book, No Place Like Amestraton. While there will hopefully soon be more, that's all for now, so anything else is not my work.

At least it gave me material for another blog post. I really need to stop being so lazy about this thing, heh.