Thursday, February 14, 2013

A real pain in the neck

Literally. (And yes, I generally don't misuse that word.)

A couple of days ago I woke up having apparently pulled some muscle/tendon/ligament/something (some M.D. is probably yelling at his computer screen about me not knowing which), and it hurt like...well, to be blunt, like hell.

The result was me walking around with my head at approximately a thirty-degree angle and pain in my neck and shoulder any time I tried to move my head, shoulder, or do certain things with my right arm.

Can you say ouch?

As a result, I had to take a day or two off from actually doing much of anything, including typing. Also had to rub some nasty smelling cream on the thing, which was less that fun. This stank, because I was hoping to get some extra work in. Oh well, Thadrick Clant would understand.

Obviously, I'm feeling much better now, or I wouldn't be writing a blog post. I still can't tilt my head back without my muscles telling me I'm an idiot, but otherwise I'm okay. I should be completely better in the next two days or so, and by then I will have gotten back to work on authorshipdom (that is now a word, because I said so).

Let's just hope this doesn't happen any time in the near future. Or the far future, for that matter. My neck is NOT SUPPOSED TO GO AT AN ANGLE, thank you very much. (If you didn't guess I was a Josh Jepson fan by now, you now know.)

Well, onto writing things that aren't blog posts. Later!

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