Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chris's Crazy Character Contest

Because it sounds much cooler that way.

Well, this is something new I'd like to try, so here we go. This is a contest related to reading Magic Trickery, and the prize is a guaranteed free copy of the sequel (which is now under creation) from Smashwords.

Excited yet?

The rules are fairly simple. In order to enter, you must have bought and read Magic Trickery. You then can email me at chrismitchelltheauthor@hotmail.com, and in the body of the email you have to include a list of eight characters from Magic Trickery, excluding Thadrick Clant himself. You have to provide their full names (to the extent the book reveals them), and spelling/capitalization does count. Unnamed characters do not qualify.

The first ten people to send me emails that correctly identify eight characters will get a very special email when the book is released. This email will have a special coupon link that will allow you to get a copy of the sequel for free. Free books are always fun, right?

The deadline for entry, just to give people ample time to read, is midnight on June 30th. I think just over five months is plenty of time to get the book done and get back to me.

So enjoy the reading, and I look forward to hearing from you all!

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