Friday, June 29, 2012

The heat is on

Incoming 100+ degree weather! Along with a short post!

While I do enjoy being outdoors on occasion, now is definitely not the time to be doing so. With the heat and the increased humidity, I honestly expect it to actually reach a "feels like" point of 110 degrees.

Since it's so hot, this means I get to stay inside more, which in turn means more time for typing. Lucky me, I guess. So I'll spend the free time working on a number of things, including my current novel.

With it expected to last through the weekend and possibly into next week, I really hope we don't have drought conditions. We have enough problems with wildfires around the country as it is. (Seriously, my heart goes out to the poor people who got chased from their homes in Colorado.)

So crank up your air conditioning (if you can afford it) and pop out the cold drinks. Anything less in this kind of weather won't work.

I remember telling people as a kid that my favorite season was summer. Guess what? It isn't any more.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy birthday to me

Well, it's my birthday. Officially, I don't turn 27 for another 4 hours or so, but hey, who's bothering to count exact time of birth anyway?

Of course, I don't look like I'm 27, which is something that tends to bug me. I get a lot of people assuming I'm around 20 years old. As much as I wish that was the case (so maybe I could stop my steadily receding hairline), it's not, and here I am.

Granted, some things make me feel older than I am. I can remember when gas was 1.19 a gallon. I can remember two-thirds of the stores and other buildings in my hometown simply not being there. I can remember when New Kids On The Block was the hottest boy band around, well before the Backstreet Boys even existed. (Bonus points if you know who the New Kids On The Block were.)

It's probably dumb that someone who is only 27 is complaining about feeling old, but hey, that's how it is. I suppose, then, that there's not all that much actual value to a numerical age, beyond health issues. And even that's iffy, given the fact that the human body is anything but a machine. Funny how that works, isn't it?

So, here's to another wonderful, meaningless, event filled year of my life. It's looking good already.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Martian twilight

Normally, I try to space my posts out a bit more, but sad occasions do come up, so here I am.

I remember first reading The Martian Chronicles when I was in college. At time poignant, at times amusing, it was a stellar testament to the fact that living on the frontier changes people.

While I never read any of his other novels (which I am now tempted to do), Ray Bradbury struck me as one of the true masters of science fiction. No one quite had the talent for writing short stories that he did, and some of his finest work lies in that area.

This makes his death at the age of 91 all the more sad. To think that one of the greatest writers of the past century has passed away, and one I admired.

To his family, I can only wish them well. He was an extraordinary man, who told tales that will never be forgotten, by me or anyone else who writes for a living. The world of fiction (not just science fiction, but all kinds) is poorer for his passing.

I can only hope that someday, my work will be considered as great and influential as this man. It's a dream all writers strive for (whether they admit it or not), and I consider myself proud to have been one of those who follow in the footsteps of great men such as Bradbury.

Somewhere on Mars, there is a family of dark-skinned and golden-eyed beings mourning. And I mourn with them.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Missing in inaction

Yeah, I've been really busy, again.

It can be pretty frustrating at times, because I just want to sit down and write. No work, no worries, just focusing on the words as I type them. If only life were that simple.

I should have a little more time again, since my work tends to cycle in bursts like this. I get busy for a week or two, and have no free time. Then, I tend to get a week or so with more time to relax.

Thankfully, I can get some work done tonight, and hopefully tomorrow too. Of course, typing this post isn't exactly helping me get work done, so I'll cut it short.

Until next time, I'll remain Chris Mitchell (did I do this joke already?), so stay cool. Oh, and happy June.